Winterizing Crochet Scarves Pt 2: Dr Who style

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about wanting to winterize crocheted scarves.  Crochet tends to create a fairly open weave, especially if you’re using longer stitches (double crochets, treble crochets, etc) so it isn’t always the warmest it could be, regardless if you’re using natural fibres such as wool or alpaca.
I wanted to try sewing a layer of fleece or some other fabric to the back of my scarves for added warmth.
Yesterday, I finally did it!

Fleece backing sewn to a crocheted Dr Who scarf

It’s an exciting project for two reasons.  One is because I finally tried my winterizing idea.  Two is because the scarf in question is a Dr Who scarf!  Who can’t be excited about that! 🙂
I’d been working on this scarf for a friend (a VERY patient friend who requested it many months ago)…a Dr Who scarf with a dalek and a tardis, one on each end…and I thought it offered the perfect opportunity to experiment with winterizing.
I purchased the black and blue checkered fleece fabric at a nearby fabric store and attached it to the back with a large zigzag stitch.
The nice thing about this fabric is that it didn’t fray along any cut edges which made it easy to work with.
I turned both sides under by 1/2″. Sewed down one side, then a number of horizontal lines down both sides to ensure the fleece would lay flat and wouldn’t pucker, finally attaching the opposite vertical side and the ends.
So happy with how it turned out…and so was my friend who I gifted it to last night! 🙂  Definitely makes a huge difference and will allow the scarf to be worn on some of our coldest winter days!

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