What can you create with a Stitch Noir Gradient?

My gradient sets are quite versatile! Great for fade patterns or colourwork among other techniques….shawls, socks, hats, tops…you are only limited by your imagination!

Below are photos of some finished projects that were very kindly shared with me by customers!
Scroll down for patterns ideas that were suggested to me!

Suggested Gradient Friendly Patterns to get your inspiration flowing!

KNITTING – Fingering/Sock Yarns
Steggie Shawl (Ravelry) (Sample photo above – Ravelryink to sample maker’s project with mods) 840-1260 yds (adjustable) FREE
So Faded Pint Sized Sweater (Designer’s Website) (Sample photo above) 283-890 yds FREE
Fading Stripes Shawl (Ravelry) 820-875 yds FREE
Mon Petit Gilet Raye Cardigan (Ravelry) 960 yds FREE
Double Gradient Boomerang Shawl Any Gauge/Any Yarn (Ravelry) FREE
Close to You Shawlette (Ravelry) 399 yds (adjustable) FREE
Skipping Shawl (Ravelry) 700 yds FREE
Scrappy Marl Hat (Ravelry) 295-350 yds (double strand or DK) FREE
Born Trippy Scarf (Ravelry) 766-787 yds FREE
Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts (Ravelry) 185-235 yds FREE
Flax Light Sweater (Designer’s Website) 300-2800 yds FREE
Metamorphic Tee (Ravelry) 975-1600 yds FREE
Baseline Shawl (Ravelry) 1094-1312 yds FREE
Frabjously Faded Shawl (Designer’s Website) 810-900 yds FREE
Faded Beanie (Ravelry) 240-300 yds FREE
Fino Shadow Cowl (Designer’s Website) 490 yds FREE
Sugar Maple Assymmetrical Tee (Ravelry) 805-1330 yds $

A Wish for Sunshine Shawl (Designer’s Website) 636-660 yds  $
Scrappy Marl Hat (Ravelry) 295-350 yds (double strand or DK) FREE

CROCHET – Fingering/Sock Yarns
Lost in Time Shawl (Ravelry) 766-1094 yds FREE
Colour Wheel Shawl (Ravelry) 875 yds FREE
Virus Shawl (Ravelry) 547-1094 yds FREE