Signature Yarns

Since I started dyeing in 2018, I have created more colourways than I can count! I love playing with dye and seeing how colours mix…it’s like being in art class everyday with the freedom to just play!

Some colourways have stuck around for a long time and have become somewhat synonymous with Stitch Noir.

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Typically available on Basic Sock, MCN sock and Worsted Single Ply.

My Refraction colourway has been with me since the very beginning, one of my original creations. I wanted to know what would happen if I tied off sections of skeins in the dyeing process…sort of like a tie dye experiment.

Most of my Refraction yarns begin with a deep charcoal black base and then I add sections of contrasting colours. The resulting fabric is fabulous…a dark base with a small POP of colour here and there! As you can see by the photos below, these sections can be dyed any colour so custom orders are always welcome!

I also often follow a theme and dye special Refraction skeins for holidays…Candy Corn, Have a Gothy Yule…..
Also, as you can see by the photos, the base isnt always black (Mad Man with a Box) and the sections of colours aren’t always one shade (see the MCN photo where pink and purple mix)..Refraction is available on sock yarn, light single ply worsted weight merino, and Merino cashmere nylon sock yarn or MCN.

It’s such a fun yarn with neverending colour options!


Another line of yarns that I dye and that are quite unique are my gemstone yarns!

These yarns are inspired by specific gemstones and are handdyed to match an accompanying pendant so each skein is unique. To add to that, I always dye them on jumbo-sized skeins of merino cashmere silk squishiness…760yds of luxurious sock weight yarn. It is an awesome yarn with beautiful sheen and lustre, and the jumbo skein ensures that there is enough of each one of a kind yarn to allow for numerous project possibilities! Each skein also comes with a small laminated card containing info about the stone. 

They aren’t always in stock, but when they are, they go fast!