Wheel of the Year Mystery Yarn Club

The Wheel of the Year Mystery Club happens eight times a year, celebrating seasonal changes and holidays. I mark the changing seasons by going out to watch the sunrise. I chose the dates based on the seasons and the midpoints between them.  These dates are celebrated for a variety of reasons around the world and have been celebrated in many ways for hundreds of years.
Observing them throughout the year has become a way for me to feel connected to the world around me and to also take some time to be present and acknowledge Mother Earth.  On each of the eight days, I take photos and pay attention to my surroundings and lately they inspire yarn colours!

On May 1, 2021 it began. I found myself inspired after the sunrise on May day to dye some skeins to represent the day.  Then on June 21, after watching summer’s first sunrise, I again took that inspiration home and dyed a few skeins of yarn and decided to continue with Mystery Boxes!

Each time, I try to let photos, colours, animals of the morning inspire the yarn colourway….with no pre-planning and no expectations….so I never really know what the yarn is going to look like, until it appears in my dye pans!

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