New Slub Yarn!

New Base: Slub Yarn!

(My hand-dyed slub yarn is now available in my Etsy Shop )

I have been seeing slub yarn popping up all over the place.

It offers a lovely texture. Plus, a lot of the patterns I have been finding and that have bee)suggested to me pair the slub yarn with another yarn, such as a fingering weight, which makes the added texture that much more subtle.

So, I found myself intrigued enough to get some to dye and see what all the fuss was about!

A few weeks back, I put in a small order for a couple dozen skeins to play with. When they arrived, I spent a day or two considering what colours to dye them and I decided to initially stick with colourways that I know: Wicked Berry, Vamp, Dark Fae and Orchid Sky.

The yarn took the dye beautifully! And, in person, I love the texture even more!

I made two extra Dark Fae for myself. I couldn’t help it! They were just SO pretty! Plus I figured making a sample of sorts would be helpful for folks to see how the yarn knits up.

I am debating between two patterns:

The PeepShow Pullover or the Studio Slub (NOTE: Ravelry link)

I like them both so who knows…maybe I’ll do both eventually!

Here is another slub yarn pattern I have seen if you’re curious to see how it knits up when paired with another yarn.

Slub & Fuzz – an awesome hat that holds slub yarn and fingering weight yarn together

If you know of any other patterns out there, feel free to share in the comments!