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Wicked Berry is one of most popular colourways….and it is also one of my favourite colour combinations.
Deep plum and a vibrant teal really play with each other on these skeins. Even the dye technique is more of a *splash* of colour than a carefully measured and applied amount.

Black speckles are also present…they give some added depth and some interest, especially to the whiter undyed areas.


Bases available:

74% suri alpaca and 26% silk
50g/378 yards per skein
Buttery soft, the most amazing halo, and is a great substitute for mohair silk lace!  Beautiful knit alone or held double with another yarn! For more info on suri silk and to see it compared closely to mohair silk lace, you can check out my Mohair vs Suri Alpaca article where I share some samples and talk about my initial experiences with it!

Basic Sock
80% superwash merino 20% nylon
115g/420 yds
All-purpose sock/fingering weight yarn.  Lovely feel, texture, and perfect for all sorts of projects!

90% Superwash 10% nylon
100g/438 yards per skein
A cool textured yarn that creates a light fabric that I find reminiscent of linen and keeps your interest as you knit/crochet and play with the texture and nubs throughout!

100% superwash merino
100g/270 yds
A lofty and airy yarn that blooms as you work with it.  Offers a lovely drape with bounce and elasticity, and blocks like a dream!

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Yarn Base

Basic Sock, DK 8-ply, Suri Silk Lace, Slub